COMPILATION 2112m² EUROPE 2004-2005

Венские Ворота (Wienertor) в Хайнбурге на Дунае

Austria, and in particular the area around Hainburg (link) has always been a frontier area and the subject of many historical disputes. In the course of time it was exposed to manifold influences and developments, and not only offers an ideal foundation for a platform of European co-operation, but will also represent the heart of Europe in the future.

We are convinced that we have made a contribution to Europe and the realisation of Europe.

Dating from the 13th century, the Vienna Gate (Wienertor) in Hainburg an der Donau (link) has been exposed to extreme environmental stress for years, and particularly so since the fall of the Iron Curtain. Some 6,000 cars passed through Europe's largest medieval town gate every day and the resultant exhaust gas emissions were destroying the substance of the monument to an alarming extent: urgent comprehensive renovation measures were called for.

To protect pedestrians and vehicles from falling masonry, the Vienna Gate first had to be shrouded in scaffold. Subsequently, this unique Romanesque monument was to be fully renovated.

The concept developed by PRORELANs provided a platform for the presentation of works by artists from the 10 countries that joined the EU in 2004, as well as for the presentation of the countries themselves, whilst at the same time facilitating the renovation of this historic edifice.

COMPILATION_2112m2 EUROPE was a presentation platform resting on two pillars:

  • Presentation of works, in the form of 12 m x 8 m depictions on the sides of the Vienna Gate: one side by a male and the other by a female artist from each accession country, for a period of one month per state.
  • Simultaneously, an exhibition was organised in a specially adapted gallery on the main square in Hainburg, presenting the exhibited works of these artists.
  • A monthly vernissage, which was organised upon the rotation of the artists' works, helped to promote contacts with the accession states and ensured additional presence in the media.

Following the completion of the Compilation 2112 m2 Europe project in March 2005, the renovation of the Vienna Gate continued with the financial support of the municipality of Hainburg an der Donau, private sponsors and Lower Austria’s Provincial Office for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage. The restoration works have now been completed.

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